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14 Simple Mastercool Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

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Mastercool Thermostat Wiring Diagram - Thanks to your interest on this question. As it has attracted low-satisfactory or unsolicited mail solutions that needed to be removed, posting an answer now calls for 10 popularity in this web site (the affiliation bonus does no longer remember). Might you want to reply the sort of unanswered questions alternatively?. Fyi: the time postpone isn't important, you may depart it out and the minute or so it takes your pads to get moist may not be well worth it to you. I have two coolers in my residence and do it both approaches and the time postpone wasn't really worth the greater fee. However if maximum effectiveness is your desire then i would positioned it in for the price of pre-wetting the pads to prevent warm air from entering.

I might positioned a pleasing 24v dpdt relay and a pleasing 24v 3pdt relay on the best mounting sockets and mount them to a din rail. This can make it clean and easy. Positioned all of it in a container with the transformer and the packard and voila. The swamp cooler has a 2-velocity motor, consequently i would really like the nest thermostat to govern both speeds using y1 and y2 terminals. As a long way as i recognize 2 stage thermostats will follow energy from the r terminal to the y2 if extra cooling energy is required at the equal time power is implemented from r terminal to y1. I also want the water pump to paintings everytime the thermostat calls for cooling (for each speeds), but i want the water pump to run on my own for some minutes before the motor is started.

Beneath is a drawing that might repair those issues however it's miles a whole lot greater standard, the simplest unique element is that packard contact put off because i'm unexpected with a conventional component name for that. In case you restore 1 - 3, your layout have to paintings flawlessly. Again, the exhaust air flow is your biggest hassle. I've observed that the honeywell rc840t-a hundred and twenty would possibly permit me to apply the 24v nest thermostat with the 110v swamp cooler and the use of a spdt relay i could join y1 and y2 to the 2 terminals of the 2-pace motor. Honeywell rc840t-120 was created to connect line-voltage managed heaters to 24v thermostats but i assume it will also work with the swamp cooler. This tool can be the first relay with a view to determine if the pump and motor are going to get hold of power. This primary relay can be related to a ptd102 put off to be able to postpone the energy to the spdt relay, this ultimate realy is the only to be able to manipulate the electricity to the motor primarily based on y2 terminal from nest thermostat. The thermostat will send energy to y1 only for 1st speed and in case it wishes greater cooling electricity it'll start sending strength to y1 and y2 at the same time inflicting the spdt relay to replace strength to high through terminal three as the following diagram shows:.