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11 Simple How To Wire A Vanity Light Images

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How To Wire A Vanity Light - Step 8: connect and grasp your light fixture. First, turn the electrial breaker off. Then locate the studs in your wall, then mark those positions to your fixture. Predrill your pine board for your hex screws, being extremely careful not to drill through the wires at the back. Cord up your mild fixture, attaching the white cord of your fixture to the white twine of your electric source, and doing the same with the black to black wires. Once you’re stressed up, ratchet the commercial mild fixture into area together with your hex screws. Test to make sure level. Step 9: screw to your edison mild bulbs. When your fixture is stressed out up and securely attached to the wall, screw your bulbs into the sockets. (Propose edison-fashion light bulbs, specially leds, for energy conservation and heat lighting fixtures.).

With a wire nut, attach the black socket twine coming from the relationship of sockets #1 and #2 to the black cord from socket #three, then upload in one extra black cord into the mix. This third black cord will be what connects to the black wall wire to your mild fixture container. Do the identical together with your white wires. While all is stated and finished, you should have the loose ends of simply one black and one white twine; all different cord ends ought to be linked with taped-up cord nuts. The outdoor/weatherproof sockets don’t healthy into the three/4” aspect of the galvanized elbows; in truth, i was not able to discover any piece wherein they’d fit for this lighting challenge. After squeezing the portions together as excellent you could, use a small quantity of remarkable glue to connect the portions.

Repeat wiring steps at the neighboring socket. You ought to have the two sockets’ black and white wires lengthy enough to meet up with every different. You will be adding in a third set of black and white wires to hook up with the following (or, in this case, the ultimate) socket. Step 5: drill holes for lighting fixtures. Degree the vertical center of your board and remember this range. Because this 1×6 board is 30” long and wanted three light bulbs, i measured 7” in from every aspect, then eight” in from the ones marks. (So, from left to proper, my measurements have been: 7 – 8 – 8 – 7, with each dash representing a marked hole.).