2006 prius electrical wiring diagram 2003 Tacoma Alarm Wiring, Auto Electrical Wiring Diagram 8 Simple 2006 Prius Electrical Wiring Diagram Galleries

8 Simple 2006 Prius Electrical Wiring Diagram Galleries

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2006 Prius Electrical Wiring Diagram - Like we said, these items receives instead complex so you need to examine the entire carrier bulletin, be familiar with the various hybrid components, and have a experiment device that can study the right pids and freeze body statistics.

* eg022-04 -- 2001-2003 prius. The mil may also come on and set a dtc p3130, and perhaps also a dtc p3125, which can be codes for a energy problem or the equipped mild no longer coming on. The fault may occur after the car has been subjected to prolonged using in heavy prevent-and-pass site visitors, or when it's been driven at sustained high speeds in the course of warm climate. The hassle may be an overheated inverter/converter due to lack of coolant or coolant no longer circulating properly within the inverter/converter cooling device.

An important point to hold in thoughts as regards to diagnosing and repairing hybrid structures is that those cars have an extended powertrain assurance of eight years or 100,000 miles in all states. In california, the hybrid system assurance is 15 years or one hundred fifty,000 mile, which ever comes first. The assurance covers all of the hybrid powertrain additives and excessive voltage battery.

High voltage leaks! On 2001-2003 prius, in case you see the grasp warning light on and discover a dtc p3009 code, watch out! That is a code for a high voltage leak from the hybrid battery to the automobile chassis. The battery and high voltage cables are normally isolated from the chassis and different electrical circuits. However corrosion under a cover at the transmission vent can from time to time cause the excessive voltage cables to brief out. * eg021-02 -- 2001-2002 prius, the mil can also come on and set a dtc p3125, that's an inverter malfunction code. The trouble can be because of a fault inside the digital manipulate unit (eu) or the hybrid inverter/converter assembly. The bulletin consists of a detailed diagnostic chart that takes you through the step-by means of-step checks which can be necessary to figure out what is incorrect. The checks consist of using a test tool to read the freeze body information for the car pace that become recorded whilst the fault befell (generally among 25 and 44 mph), the acceleration sensor price (in percentage), analyzing the mg2 motor velocity (in rpm), performing some math to transform the mg2 recorded rpm to car velocity, and evaluating the effects to see in which the error occurred. If the recorded automobile speed is higher than the transformed velocity price from the mg2 studying, the eu is at fault and desires to be replaced.