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11 Practical 4 Gauge Wire, Kit Galleries

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11 Practical 4 Gauge Wire, Kit Galleries - Knukonceptz kolossus amp installation kit's characteristic our top of the line kolossus fleks power and ground cables. Made from ultra flexible p.C and ultra exceptional tinned strands of oxygen unfastened copper (ofc), the kolossus kable is the standard for which all others are as compared to. The kol-ak4 amp kit affords 18 ft of blue power cord and 3 toes of translucent black (smoke) floor twine. The knukonceptz fh-44 fuse holder with a 120a mini anl fuse is provided within the kol-ak4 amp set up package, but may be upgraded to a maximum of 150a mini anl fuse (offered separately manl-a hundred and fifty). The fuse holder does no longer come established within the cable, this allows the installer to area the inline fuse holder in an top of the line region at some point of set up. It additionally lets in the installer to extend the energy wire 1-three' with the aid of the use of the inline fuse holder to feature cable to the principle run (leaving the 16.Five' as one unit and using the fh-forty four to "splice" a few toes of twine).

Signal for your 2 channel amplifier set up package is carried via the klarity kable 5 meter (16.25') rca cable. The klarity rca cable is a copper braid shielded coaxial rca that makes use of a hybrid steel/molded rca termination with pressure alleviation for a long lasting, low loss connection to your head unit and amplifier. A separate faraway activate lead is included. This cord is hooked up on your radio's power antenna lead or amp turn on lead (consult with your head unit's guide) your amplifier's output is sent through knukonceptz kord 12 gauge speaker cord, 20 ft of 12 gauge blue speaker cord is covered with the package.

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Imparting sign in your amplifier is the two channel bassik twisted pair rca cable (16ft). Left and right stereo signal passes through this noise rejecting rca cable for a clean and clear audio sign. Finishing the amp package is knukonceptz bassik 16 gauge speaker twine (20ft) which passes your amplifier's output in your subs.