electrical wire connectors crimp 800PCS AWG22-10 Electrical Wire Connector Wire Copper Crimp connector terminal Insulated Cord, End Terminals 9 Popular Electrical Wire Connectors Crimp Collections

9 Popular Electrical Wire Connectors Crimp Collections

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Do you need to attach wires fast with out stripping and soldering? Do that insulated crimp terminals. It let you connect cables and loose from electric surprising hazard and short circuit! Perfect for domestic or car cord connecting utilization. Features: 800pcs wire copper crimp connectors insulated cord pin cease terminals with awg 22 to 10. Simple and handy to apply for cord connecting utilization and electric wiring projects. Permit visual inspection, prevent corrosion and provid a waterproof seal. Easy and handy to use for cord connecting utilization in marine and automobile packages. A looked after storing transparent box for clean get entry to with 800 diverse electric wire terminals. Specs: colors: blue inexperienced yellow red white black orange grey fabric: copper plastic floor: tin-plated type: 8 kinds wire pin end terminals crimping range: 0.Five-6mm⊃2; awg22-10 quantity: 800pcs model: e0506, e0508, e7508, e1008, e1510, e2512, e4012, e6012 electric twine connector assorted crimp terminals along with: e0506 awg22 (orange): f: 8mm l: 14mm w: 2.5mm d: 1.3mm c: 1mm * 100pcs e0508 awg 22 (yellow): f: 6mm l: 12mm w: 2.5mm d: 1.3mm c: 1mm * 100pcs e7508 awg 20 (white): f: 8mm l: 14.6mm w: 2.8mm d: 1.5mm c: 1.2mm * 100pcs e1008 awg 18 (pink): f: 8mm l: 14.6mm w: 3mm d: 1.7mm c: 1.4mm * 100pcs e1510 awg 16 (black): f: 10mm l: 16.4mm w: 3.5mm d: 2mm c: 1.7mm * 100pcs e2512 awg 14 (blue): f: 12mm l: 19.2mm w: 4mm d: 2.6mm c: 2.3mm * 100pcs e4012 awg 12 (gray): f: 12mm l: 19.5mm w: 4.4mm d: three.2mm c: 2.8mm * 100pcs e6012 awg 10 (green): f: 12mm l: 20.5mm w: 6mm d: three.9mm c: 3.4mm * 100pcs length of the insulation terminals kit storage container: 285 * 130 * 25mm / eleven.22 * five.12 * 0.Ninety eight" package weight: 239g / eight.43oz bundle length: 28.5 * thirteen * 2.5cm / eleven.22 * five.12 * zero.98in package deal list: one hundred * e0506 awg22 (orange) 100 * e0508 awg 22 (yellow) 100 * e7508 awg 20 (white) a hundred * e1008 awg 18 (pink) 100 * e1510 awg 16 (black) a hundred * e2512 awg 14 (blue) one hundred * e4012 awg 12 (gray) 100 * e6012 awg 10 (inexperienced) 1 * garage box.