what gauge speaker wire for 700 watt amp 18 Gauge, Speaker Wire Copper Clad, Black, Cable 12 Volt, Voltage 11 Nice What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Photos

11 Nice What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Photos

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Nice What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Photos - Someone please assist me!!!!!!!!! K listen i've 2 re subs going for walks at 2400 rms together! I cannot find a single amp to run them until i pay $1,four hundred which i refuse to do for an amp! So here is the deal men i have never found one appropriate strong supply of human beings for help!! Cruthfield has superb diagrams i comply with for the entirety so i am praying there is help! I could be running 2 amps! I found an amp that is 6000 watts (means simply not anything) 3000 rms but cea rating at 1000 rms stressed to two ohm which i'm the subs are 2 ohm! So i want 2 amps i'm gonna run together so i am getting real a thousand rms cea rating for every sub! Question! What size strength twine package do i want?? With this chart i am getting burdened on what rms energy to head by means of the 3000 or a thousand???? Which makes a large difference! Could i go along with a zero gauge package or 2-4??? Unwell be strolling a fuse from the battery to a fused distrubtion block to run the amps so i want to recognize what size wire and additionally what would be the quality fuse size??? Sorry see you later just wanna be distinct in case a person can supply me a instantly answer which i've had clearly no success on!!!! If you could please supply me any of this information it would be absolutely exceptional!!! Thanks!!!!!!.

I have a 4000 watt rms huge audio amp and a 800watt pb four channel for mid and highs 300 amp alternator and 1 100ahr battery what guage do i need to use battery is in trunk subsequent to massive amp 0 guage walking from alt to battery 17 feet mid amp is going for walks of starter batt four guage cord.

Cedrick, if you are asking about the wires from the amplifier output to the subwoofer, any length wire from 12-gauge all the way down to sixteen-gauge will paintings exceptional. If you're asking approximately the amplifier's power and ground wiring, 8-gauge is what its specifications name for. Shaun, the owner's manual for the polk audio pa d4000.Four amplifier recommends the use of 4-gauge energy and floor wires. In your two amps, four-gauge cord should paintings first-rate among the battery and a distribution block, particularly if the run is shorter than 13 ft.