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I'm trying to parent out exactly how i ought to connect this new transfer up. Any recommendation (geared toward a entire amateur) could be a lot appreciated, and clearly any primary/typical/practical/troubleshooting recommendation & pointers could be a splendid help.

It sounds like the two black twine with the pigtail are the incoming hot and a branch hot to another location, inclusive of the hole. The alternative black connected to the transfer might be the switched warm that goes to the fixture being managed.

If that is what you've got, wiring the brand new transfer is pretty trustworthy. Turn the breaker off again. Verify no wires are now hot. The brand new transfer is basically related the identical manner because the antique, however with a impartial twine and floor cord delivered.

Use cord nuts, and if you like, tape over them for additonal safety. You furthermore mght should positioned a wrap of tape around the z-transfer overlaying the terminals. Carefully insert the wires again in the container. Screw the switch into the box. Turn the energy returned on.