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9 Fantastic Wire Gauge, Load Photos

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Ac, Gauge Wire Diagram Wire Center U2022 Rh Migglobal Co Wire Gauge, Chart Wire Gauge Amps 120V - 10 more voltage drop problems... (6) the voltage drop on two #12 thw strong copper conductors one hundred fifty feet long connecting a 1/2 horsepower (9.Eight amp), unmarried-segment motor to a 115 volt source would be volts. (A) three.45 (c) five.8 (b) 5 (d) 7.2 (7) the dimensions cord is wanted for a 115 volt, 30 amp load, located one hundred twenty' from its voltage source is? (A) #4 (c) #8 (b) #6 (d) # volts 1,265 watts a hundred and fifteen volts (eight) the copper conductor size for the circuit diagram above is. (A) #four (c) #eight (b) #6 (d) # volts amps (nine) what is the round mills with a voltage drop of 3 inside the above diagram? (A) 21,000-25,000 (c) 221, ,000 (b) two hundred, ,000 (d) 231, ,000 (10) what size conductor is required for question (9)? (A) #250 kcmil (c) #three/zero (b) #four/0 (d) #2/zero (eleven) an eighty' deep well is placed 160' from the residence panel. Within the well is a half of horsepower (9.8 amp), a hundred and fifteen volt pump. What copper cord length is needed? (A) #10 (c) #6 (b) #eight (d) #four. 11 locating amps and length using the voltage drop formulation... Right here are some different associated formulation: cm x vd this one determines conductor period... L = 2 x k x i cm x vd this one determines conductor amps... I = 2 x ok x l permit s use those formulation in a few issues... A short circuit has advanced in a #14 copper cord. All 6 volts applied to the circuit are dropped and an amp meter reads 2 amps. Can you locate the length of the conductor to the short? Cm x vd permit s practice the method for conductor duration... L = 2 x okay x i cm = 4,a hundred and ten (#14) four,one hundred ten x 6 vd = 6 (a hundred voltage drop) l = 2 x 12.Nine x 2 k = 12.9 (copper) i = 2 amps l = toes right luck monitoring that quick down! How approximately some other one... Are you able to locate the amps on the load of a a hundred and twenty volt circuit, 143 ft lengthy, using #12 thw aluminum conductors? Cm x vd allow s observe the formulation for amps at the load: i = 2 x k x l cm = 6,530 (#12) 6,530 x 3.6 vd = three.6 (a hundred and twenty x.03) i = 2 x 21.2 x 143 k = 21.2 (aluminum) l = 143 i = three.88 amps as you can see voltage drop pays a excessive toll! A mor e precise ok you is probably wondering approximately okay and wherein it got here from? Properly, k is based at the resistance of a round mill of a conductor (copper or aluminum) by means of the foot. You can locate it via this components... R x cm okay = 1000 permit s locate okay for a #14 stranded copper conductor x ok = 1000 r = three.14 (#14 stranded copper uncoated) cm = 4110 (#14 awg) okay = if we guessed 12.Nine we would had been quite close.