electric fence circuit diagram 555 Two battery operated, portable, electric fence designs using, and, timers 19 Fantastic Electric Fence Circuit Diagram 555 Solutions

19 Fantastic Electric Fence Circuit Diagram 555 Solutions

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Fantastic Electric Fence Circuit Diagram 555 Solutions - The circuit makes use of ics, particularly 555 timers. The first one is utilized in monostable mode even as the second one ic is used as an audio oscillator, i.E. In astable mode. The monostable mode is likewise called timer mode as it produces one shot output for specific c program languageperiod of time i.E. Produce output high for constant interval of time. The astable mode is likewise referred to as frequency oscillator mode because it produce frequency. I've two jack russle puppies who love to tear up flora, a lot to my companions annoyance, so i desided to have a root around in my undertaking components container and notice what i may want to give you. Low and behold i discovered that i had an antique ignition coil from an vintage retired mercedes vehicle of mine, all i needed to do turned into to pulse its primary coil with 12 volts to provide a completely high voltage in the secondary. I now needed to layout and construct a circuit that could pulse a relay to feeb strength to the ingnition coil. Using my bread board i installation a simple ne555 with a couple of resistors and a capacitor to give me 50 duty cycle. I then fed the output right into a simple rc community that feeds a strength transistor. Because the ingnition coil consumes numerous present day i needed to pulse the relay in order that the transistor is simplest on while the rc is charging, i selected the values to provide me approximately .25 of a 2nd on time for the transistor, that is simply enough to pulse the relay and purpose the coil to deliver a effective high voltage shock. I then had to limit the cutting-edge passing through the ignition coil so i used a strength resistor of 82 ohms to permit approx 1amp to bypass via the number one winding, this boundaries the power of the output to a keep stage that won't hurt my dogs. I tested this on my self, in the beginning it did not paintings thoroughly until i hammered a 2 foot copper pipe into the ground and connected this to the terrible of my circuit, now i was getting an unpleasant but harmless shock from the unit approx once each 2 seconds. It really works very well, i used agricultural fencer cord with insulators across the flower beds and after multiple shocks the dogs are glad to depart the plants properly by myself. ?.