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19 Cleaver Wire Size 50, Electric Stove Photos

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19 Cleaver Wire Size 50, Electric Stove Photos - Is it correct to say i truely have over a 70 amp panel because of the sum of amps on breakers in there right now? Is the sum of those little labels on the breakers make up my panels modern amperage?. On your first picture, beneath the segment entitled "predominant rankings", it honestly states: a hundred twenty five ampere. That is the most ability of your load panel. In maximum houses, the sum of the scores of all the circuit breakers will exceed this range. That is because it's miles assumed that now not all of the loads will be on simultaneously. Above that section, underneath the "regular wiring diagram", it states that there may be a most of twenty-two circuit breaker poles and that no circuit breaker can exceed 70 amperes. The latter can be the supply of the 70 amp limit that your electrican cited. That stated, 125 amperes is simply too small if you are going to feature critical aircon. Also, you should have a primary breaker equal to the potential of your system so that if that capacity is handed (with out exceeding any unmarried department breaker), the house will be included.

If you do not have a huge house and also you often have non-electric powered appliances (along with herbal gas), then a hundred twenty five a is lots. However, it looks like you do now not presently have sufficient unfastened spaces inside the breaker panel for a new two-pole breaker for the a/c. According to the panel label, it's miles a 125a rated panel with a 100a sub-section. The complete panel is rated at 125a, the sub-section is rated for 100a. The most breaker anywhere inside the panel may be a 70a. (Unless it has.

The pinnacle double pole breakers are before the "primary" disconnect, this means that they will always have strength when the wires feeding the panel have strength. I'm guessing there may be a disconnect ahead of this panel, perhaps on the meter or as a standalone disconnect. Based totally on their size, i am guessing one (50a) is for an electric powered range, electric heater, or maybe a subpanel. The other (30a) is possibly for a dryer, water heater, subpanel, or a few other equipment.