nest 3 heat link wiring diagram How to install, Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen) in a Y-Plan 11 Brilliant Nest 3 Heat Link Wiring Diagram Photos

11 Brilliant Nest 3 Heat Link Wiring Diagram Photos

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11 Brilliant Nest 3 Heat Link Wiring Diagram Photos - Hello will, sounds such as you’re having comparable issues to what i had. I had some failed tries in which my boiler could hearth up quickly and then close off. I then had problems with having relevant heating but no hot water from the faucets so i recognized that the switches weren’t quite right someplace in the circuit. The first component i might take a look at is 1) have you ever added the extra electricity to points 2 and 5 at the nest heatlink? 2) in regards to my vintage thermostat, in case you study my wiring diagram the vintage thermostat (twine 6) had 4 wires coming out of it – green, blue and yellow dotted had been absolutely disconnected. The pink twine that ran from twine 7 to twine 6 (through point three on the electric block – shown as dotted crimson in my diagram) turned into then surely moved into point 6 of the electric block. When you have the equal y-plan installation as i had it could be that your wires are in exclusive positions inside the block so you could want to trace which cord is wherein.

As different have said: thanks ever a lot! Very fine step-by using-step set of commands with pics. My primary concern turned into to close the thermostat circuit on the “spaghetti junction” however along with your commands i may want to determine it out. In my case turned into a bit specific as yours but essentially the identical: the live cable coming from the thermostat to the terminal block had no other cable inside the identical hole however on the other side of it, no longer 2 in quantity 3 to your diagram however one in three and every other one in 11 . What i did changed into to cast off the ends of stay (1 in the picture of your thermostat) and contact (2 in the photo) cables from in which they were in the terminal containers and run a cable among the positions in the terminal boxes they had been. I am not positive i defined myself, a photo could likely be a bit greater clean. Anyways, thanks once more!.