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17 Best Speaker Wire Gauge Thickness Galleries

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Voodoo Speaker Wire 14 Gauge, True American Wire Gauge Spec 200Ft, Strands - This speaker twine features two conductors product of high purity (extra than ninety nine.Ninety five natural), oxygen-free bare copper. Pure bare copper is a superior conductor to the copper clad aluminum (cca) conductors utilized in maximum different less expensive speaker wire. Cca is most effective about 68 as conductive as natural bare copper. This extra resistance is added to the impedance of your audio system and might negatively effect the sound.

As an instance, a 16awg 2-conductor pure naked copper speaker twine has a total resistance of 0.803 ohms in keeping with a hundred toes (both guidelines need to be taken into consideration). By contrast, a 16awg 2-conductor cca speaker cord has a total resistance of one.181 ohms per one hundred toes. Assuming four ohms is the lowest impedance of your audio system, a speaker cord run can be no extra 0.2-ohms general. 20 feet of 16awg pure bare copper might be 0.1606 ohms, well beneath the 0.2-ohm restrict. Then again, 20 ft of 16awg cca would be 0.2362 ohms, well over the zero.2-ohm restrict.

Only the truth will set you unfastened, so its time to clean your head of advertising slogans and get an excellent dose of fact about the unmarried most vital element of speaker cables – resistance. Each time you're driving strength into a low impedance load which includes a loudspeaker, the dominant metric of difficulty is dc resistance (degree of limit of conductivity in a circuit). Virtually there are secondary concerns which might be also importance which include inductance, and capacitance. But, as we’ve tested in our various cable articles and evaluations, if you can't first choose a cable with low sufficient dc resistance, the losses can be so splendid between the amplifier and loudspeaker that all different parameters approximately the cable turns into a wash. This text will recognition totally on cable resistance and could serve as a guide for selecting the proper wire gauge (awg) to your installation to ensure you recognise the maximum potential of your setup.

As you can see inside the graph, as soon as your distances exceed approximately 10 feet, you must take into account speaker wire 16awg or lower. If you are the usage of a loudspeaker that is rated at 4 ohms, the essential distance becomes approximately half of that. It is without a doubt critical to use thicker twine for long cable runs, specifically whilst riding loads of power into low impedance loudspeaker structures.