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12 Best Bajaj Pulsar, Electrical Wiring Diagram Pdf Images

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Best Bajaj Pulsar, Electrical Wiring Diagram Pdf Images - Components inspection parameters take hold of hub / clutch wheel : • contact floor for friction plates-have to not be worn out excessively • pressure plate loose motion in grasp hub splines • holes for lubrication • seize hub height • smoothness in identity of take hold of wheel • spacer loose motion on snatch wheel • presence of simple and wave washing machine in 1st grasp plate transmission : • no enamel breakage or crack • no wear pattern on teeth • no wear of dog tooth & dog holes on gear • no seizure mark on gear seat. ?? free movement of gears on the shaft (1st output, second output, 3rd output, 4th input and fifth input gears are unfastened on the respective shaft) • free motion of fork shift on the fork shaft • tools shift drum groove profile - ok / no harm - put on • unfastened movement of fork shift manual roller inside the drum groove drum : • presence of neutral rivet at the drum • loose rotation of drum in lh crankcase discern hollow. ?? inner hollow component must be unfastened from casting dirt / burr • groove profile width as in line with provider information • hole available for parallel pin • drum profile loose from hi-spot free of charge sliding of bush carburettor : • glide - no puncture - alignment w.R.T glide pin - adequate - no longer touching to bowl partitions • needle valve - no groove formation on the tip - smooth motion of spring loaded pin, - smooth movement in its seat. ?? quantity control screw - no longer bent / threads ok. / Now not jammed / presence of spring washing machine and ‘o’ ring. ?? jets - correct size, no put on of jet hole, no clogging • piston valve - smooth free sliding, clearance in its seat, no excess wear mark. ?? choke operation - easy (push and pull kind).

Problem taking pictures spongy brakes . Adequate take a look at master cylinder vent holes for no clogging. 4th step : caliper related easy & lubricate caliper pins by using silicon grease / brake fluid if jam. Good enough test totally free floating motion of caliper. Caliper and grasp cylinder for no leakages. Adequate test grasp cylinder diaphragm for no deformation teared off adequate take a look at master cylinder number one seal for no put on. Update primary seal of master cylinder if worn out.