double pole thermostat wiring diagram wiring, Installing double-pole line-voltage thermostat, Home Double Pole Thermostat Wiring Diagram Creative Wiring, Installing Double-Pole Line-Voltage Thermostat, Home Galleries

Double Pole Thermostat Wiring Diagram Creative Wiring, Installing Double-Pole Line-Voltage Thermostat, Home Galleries

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Simple Double Pole Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas - But, an electronic thermostat like yours needs electricity for its own capabilities. Even as i am not clear on how you stressed it to get it to show on at all, it without a doubt won't paintings efficaciously with each of its incoming hots at the same leg, in any case.

The antique thermostat you have got is a 240v thermostat made to without delay transfer real electric powered resistance heaters along with cadet types. The ones kinds use 240v handiest and do now not use a neutral. The truth that impartial is heavily used here is a caution sign.

Some clever man ingeniously used this shortcut, to do some thing new and absolutely unrelated to electric heating. He's using them to replace 120v hundreds which itself alone isn't a trouble, but he is the use of the two aspects to do intentionally various things, which they may be not made for. And he is switching motor/pumping loads, which they're maximum simply now not made for.

New thermostat: the brand new one is aube th115 and is pictured in addition below. Wiring manual shows the usage of four separate wires to attach it, but one of the connecting alternatives i tried failed to turn the heater and fan on, despite the fact that the thermostat become powered. I ponder what's the right wiring in my case and particularly whether or not l1 and l2 wires want to be related to the identical incoming warm twine.

They may be supposed to be 2-pole thermostats, meaning they transfer each hot legs of the 240v. In reality, the inexpensive ones take a shortcut: most effective one warm leg is switched thermostatically primarily based on temperature, and the opposite is switched off best while the knob is about to off. Your present setup relied on the manner double pole 240v thermostats paintings -- one leg is an on/off (disconnect) function, at the same time as the other leg is thermostatically controlled. This is pleasant for going for walks electric resistance warmers, and additionally within the case of a mechanical thermostat abusable for what the unique installer did to govern the enthusiasts on/off and pump thermostatically.