w1209 thermostat wiring diagram How to, W1209 Temperature relay controller, program, thermostat W1209 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Professional How To, W1209 Temperature Relay Controller, Program, Thermostat Galleries

W1209 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Professional How To, W1209 Temperature Relay Controller, Program, Thermostat Galleries

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11 Perfect W1209 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Images - Hello beckert , sure if w1209 give 5v to relay, can you supply 2 channel relay module ,, however muss take away relay from pcb w1209 , this week i will check simmilar version of this temperature controlle i take a look at it.. .

Press set for 5 seconds to enter the principle menu settings. Press the or – button to cycle via registers p0 – p8. Press set again to view the saved cost. Press or – to trade the saved fee. Press set again to save the brand new fee and go back to the p0-p8 listing. The controller will go back to everyday mode if no button is pressed for 10 seconds.

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Additionally, the unit shouldn’t have 12 volts implemented because the five volt regulator is a linear regulator and the handiest other part use for 12 volts is to energize the coil of the relay. I've a five volt relay on order, it's miles the equal size as the 12v relay or even has the same pin out.

P1 – hysteresis (return distinction) – hysteresis is the distinction in temperature between when the relay engages and whilst it shuts back down. ?? this continues the relay from constantly biking on and off with small modifications in temperature.

Indicator: put out the stated relay disconnected, ofen light  said the relay is closed,show hh for exceeding the dimension variety,the thermostat will pressure disconnect relay;display – for high temperature protection.